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The workers' compensation lawsuit funding specialists at Cochran Cash are committed to helping injured workers involved in workplace accident cases get the cash assistance they deserve while they're waiting to get money from a pending workers' comp claim.

As a national provider of pre-settlement funding solutions for workplace injury victims, our financial firm has provided a lending hand to civil litigants nationwide. Claimants throughout the United States have taken full advantage of legal financing by getting a legal loan on their workers’ compensation case when the odds were stacked against them, helping them pay their bills and cover unplanned financial obligation during the lengthy insurance claim process.

The Best Lending for Your Workers' Compensation Settlement Funding Needs

Cochran Cash is comprised of the some of the best litigation funding experts and financial specialists in the legal finance industry. We take great pride in the fact that we have helped injured workers nationally take out low cost settlement loans against their workers' comp lawsuits. Clients who have taken advantage of legal loans have avoided vehicle repossession, eviction, phone interruption due to non-payment, damaged credit, and more.

When it's taking a long time to get the money you're expecting from a workers' comp claim and you need cash to pay your auto loan or rent payments, Cochran is the best lending source to get a cash advance on the settlement money you're entitled to recover from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

When you need to find cash to pay your bills while you're waiting for your workers' compensation case to settle, our workers compensation loan company is the best source to get fast, low cost pre-settlement funding for your workers comp claim. We understand the financial struggles litigants face during the long, drawn out insurance claim process.

A serious on the job injury can result in missed time from work and significant loss wages. To help you and your family weather the financial storm, legal lending from Cochran Cash puts cash in your hands before you settle the case or even have an settlement offer from the insurance company, helping you get back on your feet until your attorney recovers a fair payout from your claim settlement.