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Injured on the job? If you need cash to cover expenses while you’re waiting on your money from a workers compensation claim, we can help. Cochran Cash can provide you with a pre settlement loan to pay bills. A pre-settlement loan by Cochran is a risk-free cash advance against your workers comp case.

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We Advance Cash to Injured Workers Before Settlement of their Workers Comp Case

An accident at work can cause serious injuries and result in financial devastation. In many cases, employees injured while on the job are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits through their employers’ insurance company. While workers comp does cover wage loss and medical bills, it only pays a portion of your regular income. Fortunately, injured employees can now turn to workers compensation settlement loans from Cochran Cash for immediate cash relief while waiting on the payout from a pending case.

Depending on how serious your workplace accident was, you may need financial assistance for injured workers. Receiving financial support after your workplace injury can help to supplement your lost income and pay your bill during the time you're waiting for your workers comp case to settle by your attorney.

Pre-settlement funding is not a loan but it does give you money right away so you can live comfortable during the lengthy claim process. It allows you to borrow money from your workers compensation claim in exchange of a promise to pay back the funds from a future settlement. There is no credit check, no upfront fees, and no upfront costs.

Settlement loans for workers comp are simply cash advances provided by a legal funding company to help you cover your expenses before the settlement of your claim. You pay nothing until your case settles and only pay back the money if you win your case. If you don’t win, you owe us nothing.

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The Process for Receiving a Workers Compensation Cash Advance is a Simple

Workers compensation cases don't settle quickly is not a quick process. Often, injured workers have to wait years to be awarded a fair workers comp settlement from the insurance company. Fortunately, the process of obtaining a workers’ compensation cash advance is simple and hassle-free.

How it works is really straightforward: The pre-settlement funding company will provide you with a cash advance in exchange for a portion of the payment you receive for your workers compensation claim. Simply put, the money advanced by the funder to the injured worker is paid back by the injured worker from his / her proceeds from the settlement of the workers comp case.

Workers comp claims can take a long time but securing a cash advance by Cochran Cash is quick and easy method to obtain the funds necessary to cover your rent, car payments, mortgage payment, living expenses, and more.

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Legal Funding Provider Helping Injured Workers Nationwide

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While many legal funding providers offer lawsuit loans to personal injury victims involved negligence cases, Cochran is one of the few lenders providing financial support for injured workers nationwide. Our national workers compensation pre-settlement funding company is proud to help clients in many areas throughout the United States.

Alabama Indiana North Dakota
Alaska Iowa Chicago
Arizona Kansas Oklahoma
Connecticut Louisiana Rhode Island
Delaware Mississippi South Dakota
Florida Missouri Washington
Georgia Montana West Virginia
Illinois Nevada Wyoming

*We are unable to offer workers comp settlement advances in New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, and another other states excluded from the listed above, unless the client has an accompanying third-party negligence case*


Requirements for Legal Loans on Workers Compensation Insurance Claims

Learn the qualifications to get a settlement loan

The purpose of legal lending is to help employees get the financial help they deserve after a devastating injury has resulted in loss of income and economic hardship. That's why the basic eligibility requirements for workers comp advance loans are simple and straightforward for insurance claimants. If were an employee who suffered a serious injury while on the job, are represented by a workers comp attorney, and have a case pending in 1 of the eligible 21 states, you meet the minimum qualifications to apply for pre-settlement funding.

The settlement funding amount you qualify for primarily depends on the extent of your workplace injuries and the type and frequency of your medical treatment. What types of workers compensation accidental injuries qualify you for a settlement loan? Our lawsuit funding underwriters are authorized to consider all type of work-related injury cases for settlement loans, such as fractures, back injury, wrist injury, soft tissue injury, eye injury, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, head injury, and more.

Qualifications for workers comp advance loans.png
Age 18 or Older

Injured Employees Workplace Accident Claims.png
Employee injured at work

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Reside in an eligible states

Workers compensation attorney.png
You have an injury lawyer

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Testimonials.pngThe best thing about getting a workers comp advance from this settlement funding company was the wonderful customer service. The 2 reps that helped me on my application were very friendly and understanding of my money problems. My workplace accident caused me to miss time from my job and lose a lot of income. The insurance company is paying my wage loss claim but they’re only covering a small part of the salary I was making at my job. If not for my attorney's legal assistant, I would not have known it was possible to get an advance on my workers comp case. She knew I was having a hard time paying my rent and told me about companies that give loans to people injured while on the job. I went online to find a few lenders then went with the company that answered all my questions without making me feel rushed. Applying was easy and only took 3 minutes over the phone. I recommend anyone looking for a workers comp lender to contact this company to get an advance on their insurance settlement.Legal Funding Workers Compensation.png
Alex. S | Florida

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